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                                    Wednesdays 4:30-5:50pm                                            Location: Virtual/CA

8 Week Group Beginning Feb 28th

Expressive Arts Process Group

  • Use writing and visual art to process important experiences and practice vulnerable self expression. 

  • Connect with your self in a deeper way by engaging your creative process.

  • Experience the opportunity to be deeply seen, felt, and heard.

  • Engage with others in a supportive group setting.

About This Group:

Many of us intuitively feel the healing power of creative expression. I'm here to tell you that this intuition makes sense and science agrees. A growing body of research supports the premise that engaging with difficult experiences through creative expression can significantly reduce distress levels, build resilience, improve emotional wellbeing, and even increase neuroplasticity. These real physiological changes can do a lot to help us process events, develop a greater capacity to see multiple perspectives, move through stuck places, and access deeper states of calm and connection. In group therapy, we also have opportunities for improving interpersonal relationships, giving and receiving feedback which can deepen self awareness and insight, and experiencing the therapeutic power of being witnessed.

The goal of this process group is to help participants therapeutically work through experiences, deepen insight, and gain practice in the art of self expression. Group sessions allow participants the opportunity to explore topics of personal significance through the use of creative writing, poetry, drawing, and painting. Participants will be invited to share their process with the group and to hear responses from group members. This group is appropriate for adults who are working through anxiety, trauma, depression, grief, identity issues, and other difficult experiences.  Sessions begin February 28th and continue for 8 weeks with the possibility of longterm continuation.

*Group sessions are virtual*

Wednesdays 4:30-5:50

Fee: Sliding Scale of $40-$60/session


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