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Hello, thank you for visiting.  I'm Liz, a licensed psychotherapist, artist, avid reader, dog mom, bodyworker, rock climber, nature lover, life long learner. My work in the healing arts spans over a decade and includes massage, acupressure, posture work, and Qi Gong. I have worked closely with acupuncturists, providing body work services to patients while receiving informal education about Traditional Chinese Medicine. My experience with alternative healing practices as well as my undergraduate degrees in philosophy and visual art deeply inform my work as a psychotherapist. I am somatically focused and prefer a holistic lens that acknowledges the interconnected nature of the body and mind.  

My interest in the healing arts began with the understanding that art is healing.  In my work as a therapist, my goal is to use my knowledge of art and the body/mind to facilitate a bridge that allows clients to form new connections about troubling and painful, or "stuck" experiences

After living in Santa Cruz for almost 15 years, I recently moved to Nevada City, where I live with my partner and our two dogs. I offer online therapy throughout the state of California.

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